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Let's Celebrate!

Welcome to our wedding website! We're so excited to celebrate our love and partnership with our friends and family. This site will host all the information you'll need for our special day. We look forward to celebrating with you and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.



Welcome Party

7:00 PM, November 1, 2019
Pig Beach
480 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

We will be welcoming all of our wedding guests to a casual dinner at Pig Beach, a fun local barbecue spot. This event will run from 7-10pm and again, all are invited. Please note that this venue is directly across the street from our wedding reception venue, so all notes regarding parking apply (i.e. there won't be much!).

Attire: Casual.
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Wedding Ceremony & Reception

6:00 PM, November 2, 2019
501 Union
501 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Our wedding will be held at 501 Union on November 2, 2019. Both ceremony and reception will be onsite at the venue. Note, the venue entrance is subtle - there is no signifigant branding at the door. The event should run til midnight and we will gather at a bar nearby following the formal event for those of you who want to celebrate deep into the night.

Attire: Cocktail.
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Hotel Guidance

We have reserved rooms at 3 local hotels, all well reviewed and relatively close to our venue. With that said, you are welcome to stay anywhere you'd like - we have no financial commitment to these hotels. Since there will be no coordinated transportation from hotel to venue, where you stay does not impact the event coordination. Please use the below as options, not requirements!

New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge

Located at 333 Adams Street, the Marriott is our nicest hotel block option. Located about 1.5 miles away from the venue ($10 Uber Ride), the Marriott is a huge hotel with all the services one would expect from a higher end hotel. Single rooms are $339 and double room sare $359. Please book under the Healey Tymann block.

*Must book by 10/4/2019*
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Aloft New York Brooklyn Hotel

Located at 216 Duffield Street, the Aloft hotel is a modern hotel located about one mile from the hotel venue (about a $10 Uber ride). Note, this hotel will have modern rooms, but often lacks in services like concierges, gyms, and the like. Please book under the Healey Tymann wedding, link below. Single rooms are $259 and double bed rooms are $289.

*Must book by 10/31/19*

Fairfield Inn & Suites

This hotel is a 4 minute walk from our venue so it is best for those who would like maximum proximity to our venue and events, as well as a relatively cost effective option. King rooms are $209 and double rooms are $249.

*Must book by 9/1/19*


We enourage folks to stay in AirBnbs or VRBOs (https://www.vrbo.com/) to stay in around Brooklyn! For ease of booking, our venue is located at 501 Union Street (NOT avenue). It is in Gowanus and in close proxmity to Park Slope. If you chose to book with AirBnb, please use our code linked below. Feel free to reach out if you're unsure of where within Brooklyn (or NYC!) to stay.


Given the variety of locales in which our guests will be staying, as well as the relative ease of transporation in Brooklyn, we will not be providing coordinated travel options for our guests. Below are options that you can consider based on your overall travel arrangements and preferences. If you have specific needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to ensure you are accomodated.

Regardless of your transportion choices, please make sure you use 501 Union STREET, not Avenue, as your destination. 501 Union Ave is about 2 miles from our venue!!


Street parking will be very limited at our venue and there will not be a valet option onsite. We recommend that folks cab to the venue. If you require a car nearby, the closest garages can be booked on SpotHero, https://spothero.com/. Please look for garages near 501 Union Street.

The closest options include:
  • 363 Bond Street (3 min walk)
  • 365 Bond Street (4 min walk)

Uber / Lyft

Uber and Lyft is your best bet to ensure timely and cost effective transporation, as the likelihood of cabs being available near our venue is slim. We recommend you download either app to ensure you have on-demand transportation available for you.


Our venues, Pig Beach & 501 Union, are both within brief walking distance to the subway. You can either take the F or the G line to Carroll Street or the R to Union Street. The venues are equidistant between both, about a 7 minute walk.



I have a dietary restriction!

Our meal will be served family style and there will be ample choices for vegetarians and gluten free. The catering team will also ask for any restrictions night of. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your accomodation in advance!

Event Schedule

When do I have to be where?

We're having two distinct events at our wedding, our Friday night welcome party and Saturday night ceremony and reception. We know folks are traveling from far and wide to celebrate with us and we want to spend time with you! This is why Friday's welcome party is open to everyone. It will be a casual barbeque style buffet dinner. There is no rehersal dinner, so come on by!

On Saturday, the ceremony doors open at 6pm. The event will run until midnight and we'll likely have some spot picked out nearby for an afterparty.


What should I wear?!?

Our Friday night event is casual. We'll probably be a bit dressed up, but feel free to wear what you'd normally wear out to a casual but cool Friday dinner. For Saturday, our event will fall between cocktail and formal attiture. We want you to have fun - bring out those sparkles or fancy sneakers.

Early November in NYC will, hopefully, be perfect. Cool enough to not sweat, but warm enough to be outside in a light jacket. Friday's night event will be partially outdoors, weather permitting, and Saturday will be all indoors.


Are you going to do the Hora?

YES! We are! Tara is Jewish and this is a core part of her wedding memories. For those of you who haven't done a hora before, it's not hard, but here's a quick tutorial for you to watch prior to the wedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGTho2a9t9k


Will there be an afterparty?

You betcha. Still working on details for this, so stay tuned!

Gift Registry

The Knot

We've registered at a couple of places, but all have their registries linked to The Knot. A one-stop shop!
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